7 tips for better performance in Badminton

Badminton is a great game. While it may not be too strenuous, it certainly requires stamina and power t play badminton and this must not be underestimated. Badminton is a cool game and it certainly requires passion to play the game. Practice can make your badminton perfect. However, following some of these tips will you perform better while playing badminton .


Here we discuss some rules that can help improve performance:

  1.  Sufficient Rest: A game of badminton requires sufficient amount of rest. You certainly can’t play badminton after having run a half marathon. Don’t expect yourself to do that. Badminton sessions can be played after regular intervals of rest. However, after a tiring day at work or college, a game of badminton can also be refreshing.
  2.  Stay Hydrated: Always stay hydrated. Drink Sports drinks or lots of water. Staying dehydrated will not help you in the game. If you are dehydrated, you will not be able to play well. Keep replenished with water, a glass or citrus juice or sports drinks like gatorade before you begin playing a game of badminton. This will improve your performance
  3.  Have a Small Meal: Do not overeat before you play badminton. Its ridiculous to play badminton after having had a full course meal or having eaten enough to start burping. Have small meals before your game of badminton. A good meal would mean, a meal that gives you the energy and the power to play a game. Not the one that puts you to sleep.
  4.  Practice makes you perfect: You can’t improve your performance in badminton unless you play regularly. Regularly playing badminton will help you improve performance
  5.  Use all the right gear: Use a good pair of Badminton racquets and a good shuttles. Using badminton racquets that have worn out strings or edges will give you a poor game. Its best to use a sturdy badminton racquet that use quality strings and material to help you play best.
  6.  Exercise: Its best to exercise and keep fit. Regular fitness is essential to play badminton like a pro.
  7.  Quit bad habits: Bad habits like smoking or drinking will only limit your fitness levels and prevent you from playing well. Performance players avoid bad habits as it impacts their performance.

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