Workout Regime to help you play Badminton better!

Regular and professional badminton players would agree that no game of badminton can be played well without regular exercise. This holds true for regular badminton players and passionate badminton players who always make it to the game.

While Badminton comes only with practice, these exercises will help you stay in shape and help you on your way to become a Pro in badminton. While Badminton will not come without practice,

5 best exercises for Badminton:

  1. Running warmup:  Warming up with running is a great way of starting off. Running will improve your stamina and helps in improving cardiovascular function and overall health. Running will help you to stay in shape.woman-1562560_640
  1. Freehand exercises:Rotation, stretching, push ups, squats are free hand exercises to name a few. Freehand exercises are a great way of loosening your stiff muscles and eases up the way for playing badminton.exercise-1203896_1280
  1. Cross Training:  Cross Training is a great way of staying fit. Cross Training refers to cycling, swimming and strength training exercises that will help you on your way to become a pro in
  1. Dumbells:  Dumbbells are recommended workout for Badminton. Here, however it is recommended to go in for lightweight dumbbells below 5 Kgs. Preferred weights would be 2Kg and 3Kg dumbells. Dumbbell workout will strengthen your muscles and help you stay in shape.960006_vinyl-hantel_2
  1. Yoga :A few minutes of Yoga and meditation will help you get focussed on the game. It helps one stay focused on the Shuttlecock to score numbers over your

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